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Welcome to Kids Choice!

We are a team of leaders committed to ongoing professional development in the everchanging world of Early Childhood. We strive to meet the Best Practices set out in our field on a daily basis through hiring qualified and trained staff to care for the children of our future.

Our Environment

We provide spaces to play and learn!

Location: 15143-121 Street. Edmonton, AB T5X 3C8

Telephone: 780.456.4450 , 780.235.0044


Hours: M-F: 6:30am – 6pm

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a caring, supervised environment for children.

Kids Choice provides childcare services which create a setting where parents and staff work together as a team towards meeting the individual child’s physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs.

The Child Care Center is designed to maintain each child’s individuality, including identity, dignity and human rights.

AELCS Accreditation

Kids Choice was granted accreditation in 2007 through AELCS (The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services). We also went through the reaccreditation process in the spring of 2010 and were successful.

Our Mission

Kids Choice Childcare Centre has an ongoing commitment to provide quality child care to all children & families by treating all individuals with fairness and respect.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see all children grow and develop so that they reach their full potential.

About us

Our Objective is to maintain, operate and conduct a high quality learning-through-play childcare program.

We do this by providing good physical care, a sound educational program designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs of children and in doing so to meet the standards set out by Children’s Services for the Province of Alberta as well as meeting all the standards of Child Care Accreditation as set out by AELCS.

The Centre wishes to ensure that the experience of attendance by children is a positive and happy one for both parents and children. To this end we welcome all families and inquires.

Info for Parents

Junk food items and products containing nuts are not permitted.

Meals & Snacks

The Centre will provide a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Parents will be responsible for providing a healthy lunch. This lunch will be offered to the children in a way that promotes independence and decision making. Please provide a variety of healthy choices for your child to choose from.

The centre is a “NUT FREE” area at all times. Please be sure there are no nut products in your child’s lunch.

The centre operates under a “NO JUNK FOOD POLICY”. Please be sure there are no junk food items in your child’s lunch.

More Info
List of Foods Not To Be Served according To Health Regulations, including but not limited to…

Nuts and Seeds
Hard Candies
Chewing Gum
Chips, Nacho Chips & Pretzels
Snacks made with toothpicks or skewers

List of Caution Foods for children under the age of 10

Whole grapes – slice lengthwise or quartered
Hot dogs and sausages – slice lengthwise
Hard vegetable pieces – shred or chop
Hard fruit pieces – shred or chop
Fish with bones – remove bones
Fruit with pits – remove pits before sending (i.e. cherries & peaches)

Sample Healthy Lunch Ideas

Lunch #1

Sandwich with meat
Cheese String
Yogurt Tube
Sliced Apples

Lunch #2

Whole Wheat Crackers
Mozzarella Cheese Cubes
Sausage Slices
Broccoli Florets
Rice Pudding

Lunch #3

Macaroni and Cheese
Peas and Corn 
Apple Sauce 
Vanilla Pudding 
Cereal Bar 

Lunch #4

Leftover Pasta
Red Pepper Slices
Yogurt with Fruit
Sliced Pears
Nut Free Granola Bar


Outtings and Field Trips

Centre staff make every effort to take the children outside everyday, either to play in the playground, or to go for a walk WEATHER PERMITTING. Signing of the Playground /Walk Permission Forms gives permission to the Centre staff to take the children on such outings.

The playroom’s Planning Sheets will identify any up-coming field trips.

For each field trip that is planned, signed parent permission is required. Additional parent volunteers may also be required for such trips. The field trip may be cancelled on short notice if there is a lack of the appropriate number of adults to accompany the children.

Children should be dressed in appropriate attire for the fieldtrip (comfortable walking shoes, coat, hat etc.) and when the fieldtrip occurs over the lunch hour parents must provide a brown bag lunch and drink.

The centre provides T-shirts with identifying information for the children to wear on fieldtrips.

TV/Computer Policy

The use of television and movies in the centre will occur occasionally for intentional use in keeping with the rooms programming themes. Movies are “G” rated and viewed by a staff member prior to being played for the children.

Computer usage is at the staff’s discretion and will not exceed 1/2 hour per child on any given day.


Child Care Centre staff continually take new photographs of the children for in-Centre use. When the media is involved, special permission will be required for the child’s photograph to be taken.

Contact Info

Location: 15143, 121 Street Edmonton, AB T5X 3C8

Telephone: (780) 456 4450 , (780) 235 0044

Fax: (780) 457 2412


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Operation Hours

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Hours of Operations

The Center’s hours of operation are 6:30a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Satutory Holidays

The Child Care Centre is closed on the following days:

New Year’s Day
Victoria Day
Thanksgiving Day
Family Day
Canada Day
Remembrance Day
Good Friday
Heritage Day
Christmas Day
Easter Monday
Labour Day
Boxing Day

When one of these days falls on a weekend, the Centre will be closed either on the day(s) prior to or immediately following the weekend – please watch for notices.