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Infant Care

Infants are usually very responsive to the people around them. At Kids Choice, we believe that their responsiveness allows them to learn and explore, so we encourage interaction between infants and caretakers. We do our best to provide a nurturing environment for infants at all times so they can grow and develop as efficiently as possible.

Being one of the finest Infant Daycare in Castle Downs Edmonton, we do our best to understand your infant’s specific needs and provide appropriate care with consistent supervision while allowing them to explore the world around them.



Walking: Caregivers encourage infants to walk with assistance and praise.

Pincer Grip: Caregivers help infants develop pincer grip by placing objects in the palm of their hands and allowing them to grasp and release.

First Words: Caregivers engage infants in simple conversations encouraging them to speak their first words.

Toddler Care

Toddlers are a bundle of energy and curiosity. They like to explore and test their limits. They like to say “no” and then do it anyway. Toddler Care is about learning the limits, learning the yes’s and no’s, and finding ways to play with other children in a small group setting.

At Kids Choice we believe that toddlers learn most through playful activities and exploration of their environment. We encourage them to release their energy by going outside (Weather permitting) for walks, playing in the playground, running around freely and interacting with other children.


Self-Help: We encourage toddlers to become more independent and practice skills such as self-feeding and putting on their shoes.

Potty Training: We are sensitive to the fact that your toddler is potty training at home, so we do our best to make this transition smooth.

Learning & Development: We provide the youngest children with opportunities to learn shapes, colors and numbers through play.

    Pre-School Learning


 We make learning fun for pre-schoolers in Castle Downs Edmonton! Our specially designed curriculum is organized into three major areas: language and thinking skills, maths and motor skills. We provide a variety of hands-on activities that your child can enjoy while improving his or her intellect and motor skills.

Our goal is to help your child develop a positive sense of self-esteem and confidence so that they can grow happy & confident to join Kindergarten.

Letters: We introduce letters, letter sounds and words through music, songs, games and activities.

Numbers: We enhance number sense by having children play games with concrete objects.

Manipulative Skills: Children engage in activities that develop fine motor skills through manipulating play objects.

Crafting:Children cut, draw and paste activities that foster the development of coordination.

Pre-writing skills: Children learn the hand grip of pen & brush by drawing and painting colours which also develops the brain to express thoughts via drawing


We have a specially designed curriculum for kinders that help them build their knowledge in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and health. We provide many fun activities in different sports that encourage them to explore their talents while making new friends in the process.

At Kids Choice Childcare Centre, we believe that kids at this are true pioneers. We help them learn and explore through hands-on activities that are organized into five core areas of development: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative.



We provide a stimulating learning environment where children can learn the English language through music, singing nursery rhymes.

Problem Solving

We encourage children to solve problems using open-ended activities that stimulate the mind and help them develop critical thinking skills.

Logical Thinking

We use play-based activities designed to help children learn concepts and rules.


We encourage kids to be creative by engaging them in art activities.

Out of School Care

We know kids love to play after school. At Kids Choice Childcare Centre we provide a variety of fun and educational activities during their out of school time to make sure they get the most out of their afternoons. We have a stellar program for our young minds that helps them do exponentially well in school and different areas of life.

We are open to children from the ages of 6-12 years old after school Monday to Friday. Our highly trained staff always ensures a safe and fun environment for your child while you’re away at work.


Robotics & STEM: We provide engaging after-school activities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to encourage children to explore their interest in these areas.

Outdoor Play :We encourage children to play outdoors in our large playground.

Cooking :We provide after-school activities where children can learn how to cook healthy meals.

Field Trips: We take our children on educational field trips to various parks, museums and other unique locations.

Science Experiments:We provide hands-on activities to help kids learn through experience.

Summer Program

We also offer a full-day summer program for children from Kindergarten to grade 6. We offer daily activities, such as games and crafts as well as special events like field trips! At Kids Choice Childcare Centre we believe that as your child grows and changes so must we. Our commitment to learning and devotion to the growth of each child in our care guides us to provide quality childcare in a nurturing environment.

We are currently accepting registrations for all age groups! Our dedicated staff will assess your child’s personal, developmental and academic needs to place them in the best possible group. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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Location: 15143, 121 Street Edmonton, AB T5X 3C8

Telephone: (780) 456 4450 , (780) 235 0044

Fax: (780) 457 2412

Email: director@kidschoicechildcare.com

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